The attitudes, qualifications, and practices within FV&Co are, we believe, unique in their client-oriented approach. The principals of the firm supervise each client engagement personally and closely. The background and qualifications of the principals are sufficiently broad so that we truly have the capability to serve a range of clients from individual proprietorships through large sized corporations, as well as public sector (government entities) and not-for-profit entities.

Our client-service commitment is demonstrated by the fact that FV&Co purposely maintains a low ratio of professional staff to principals. Many larger firms have double or more the number of staff members per principal than FV&Co does. Such higher staff ratios require vast administrative superstructures within those firms. But little is accomplished when is comes to directing attention of the firm’s top-level, most qualified people to specific client requirements. The quality of staff supervision and development must also suffer as the number of staff members in relation to principals increase. Not to mention the overhead cost incurred in these large firms that resulted in higher rates/fees charged to client, without consideration to size and complexity.

At FV&Co, our commitments to quality and responsiveness in client services are paramount. The entire structure and composition of FV&Co, result from this whole-client commitment. Under the integrated team approach to client service, we are able to fix duties and responsibilities at appropriate and cost-effective levels.

Client can utilize the firm organization to optimize results from use of professional services.

Our professional staff possesses the stature and experience to serve a virtually infinite range of client needs – from individual entrepreneurs, to small and mid-sized companies, through public sectors and local governmental instrumentalities.

Our best-known qualifications lie in the service sector. FV&Co professionals have been in the forefront in providing services for accommodations facilities; service; professional service; trade; manufacturing industries; non-for-profit entities; governmental entities; schools and colleges. Our practice extends to the public sector, state and local governments and compliance engagements.

FV&Co has the stature and experience to serve virtually infinite range of clients needs.